Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am Omnipresent!

An article in the Seattle Examiner cracks me up:

My favorite line:

"Fans of John Longenbaugh have multiple opportunities to enjoy the Seattle playwright’s work over the next few months. And anyone who hasn’t attended a Longenbaugh play in a local theater will be hard pressed to avoid him now." (italics mine)

I love the image of some poor theatregoer who can't stand my writing fleeing from theatre to theatre pursued by marquees burning with my name.

Thanks to Rosemary Jones (one of the hardest working arts journalists out there) for the recognition and the laugh.


  1. Hilarious, and well deserved.

  2. I love my own image of you fleeing from theatre to theatre with the monster of fame in hot pursuit. Congrats on the wealth of production, John.