Monday, August 23, 2010

Theatre Ate My Life

If I haven't seen you recently, forgive me. I stumbled into a huge mass of theatre and I'm doing my best to climb out.

"Wild River," my short play about an interview with the Pope, just took audience and jury awards and so is being revived this weekend at Open Circle for their final weekend of their short play festival. Then it goes on to Bumbershoot.

This weekend is also the final weekend for "My Time with the Lady," the play I co-wrote with Ron Richardson and co-directed. We've had a blast so far and audiences have been warm and generous. It's a great show, particularly since we added Kirsten Lauzon to it. Rarely has a one-man show benefited so much from an additional performer.

Then AFTER Bumbershoot, "Arcana" opens. It's six short plays and two monologues all inspired by Tarot cards, including "Wild River," where the lovely Keridwyn Deller who's played the role so far will be swapped out for Erin Del Rosso in a crucial role. (Erin will also play the role at Bumbershoot.)

This is all wonderful and very exciting. But I hope those of you who may have thought that I was laying low will realize I've just been lying low.

(Possibly comatose. You might want to check my pulse.)

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